A Note on Several Logic Systems - Part 2

Purpose of this post is to discuss on Three Fold Logic.

We can find situations where the three fold logic was used in Hinduism and Catholism. Basically  , three values are possible for a statement in the three fold logic.A statement may be,

1. True ,
2. False,
3. True and False

What on earth does it mean "True and False" ?

As an approach to explain that , I would like to say something about The Trinity in Catholicism and Trimurthi in Hinduism . These concepts have been originated in a three fold logic environment .

The Trinity in Catholicism means the trio Father ( Jehovah ) , Son ( Jesus ) and Holy Spirit however whole trio is considered to be one God. Therefore Father , Son and Holy Spirit are different from one another in the same moment those three are a same God.

Hindu Trimurthi means that the three gods Brahma , Vishnu , Shiva are  shades of a supreme entity Nirgun Brahman. Then again, they are equal and not equal in the same moment.

Think what we mean saying an object  tends to move - or the object is just before motion starts . In this situation the object can be interpreted -in a basis of three fold logic- as moving and not moving simultaneously.

Calculus in the ancient Indian mathematics was developed using the three fold logic without any help of limit ( A concept in western mathematics ).

In the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, the three fold logic is used to explain some results. Unobserved properties are expected to have multiple values simultaneously . The famous Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment is interpreted saying the cat is death and the cat is living simultaneously .

I would like to write on the four fold logic by the next part.

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